Difference Between Online Bingo and Actual Bingo Halls

blog post - The Difference Between Online Bingo and Actual Bingo Halls

In the 1990s, the transition to an online bingo platform has led to a decrease in attendance in bingo halls. With the convenience brought by the Internet, many players found a new platform to satisfy their appetite for bingo.

Since 2008, the number of players playing online bingo has been increasing. Although the concept remains the same, playing bingo online can be different from the old-school bingo. Read on to find out what sets apart these two forms.

Opportunity to Socialize

Online Bingo

Although online bingo and the traditional halls permit socializing, the experience brought by these two forms is a bit different.

Actual bingo halls are a great way to meet up with people. If you are a regular player, you'll have more time to strengthen your relationship with fellow players. Meanwhile, online platform have virtual communities. Online bingo websites have social media accounts or chat rooms where players from different parts of the world can interact. Players can also create forums to chat with other players and form game strategies.

Variety of Games

Online Bingo variety of games

The most common types of live bingo are the 80-ball and 75-ball formats. Bingo halls hold speed rounds in-between breaks of the main games, but they are just variants of the two forms. Bingo players prefer a night of entertainment, not just a repetitive set of bingo.

Online bingo foregoes this problem by providing more options when it comes to the variety of bingo games. Since website platform emphasizes the game's speed, there are shorter bingo formats such as 30-ball and 50-ball.


As previously mentioned, online bingo emphasizes speed, while bingo halls focus on entertainment. Compared to the traditional where a human caller calls a number every ten seconds, online game is far different. They have a random number generator that produces a new number every three seconds, allowing a more consistent and efficient game phase.

Online and Traditional Bingo Prizes

Online Bingo prizes

Another main difference between bingo halls and website platform is the prizes. Jackpot prizes in an actual bingo game usually reach up to £250,000. In online game, they offer bigger jackpots.

Why? Online platforms have a jackpot system called the progressive jackpots. It is the total jackpot taken from the partial percentage of the bingo ticket sold. As the jackpot grows, the more money the lucky player gets.

Online and Traditional Bingo Ticket Selling

One of the main advantages of bingo websites over its traditional counterpart is buying tickets in advance. In land-based bingo, players can only purchase tickets on the same day. Online game, however, allow players to buy tickets ahead of the game. For players who won't be available to attend the game, bingo websites offer an auto-daub feature that keeps track of the player's wins and tickets.

This game have brought a fun-filled experience to its avid players, whether online or traditional. However, for those who favor earning more jackpots while having fun, the online bingo format is a far better choice.

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