Star Clusters Megaclusters


One of the latest casino games that are being offered at leading online casinos these days is Star Clusters Megaclusters. It is an intriguing game offering players the chance to create their own customized Star Clusters Megaclusters that has a star-shaped arrangement of triangular bricks. This allows players to use their creative minds when placing their bets on the outcome of this game. The brick arrangement of the Star Clusters Megaclusters can either end up as a five-star cluster or a seven-star cluster. However, players need to know that the lower star cluster scores are worth much less than the higher ones.

The average bet on Star Clusters Megaclusters ranges from 20 cents to almost $2.00. This is an exciting game, which pays off well for five or more cluster bets. When it comes to Star Clusters Megaclusters, slots players find that they can earn much more by placing smaller bets on the smaller star clusters and if they happen to win, they earn bigger prizes.

One great way to make Star Clusters Megaclusters more appealing to players is to include some of the more famous casino icons like the jackpot symbols and the pyramid shapes. As these icons bring about much luck and excitement in the game and add to the appeal of this particular game, they should be given free spins as part of the deal when you play this casino game. This will not only make the game interesting but also enable you to win more prizes, besides getting extra points for the appearance of the popular casino icons.